Employee Recognition

One thing most managers don't do enough of is thanking their employees on their achievements and hard work. As a small business owner, you want to retain your employees. Especially when they are great at what they do! It doesn't always have to be a thank you letter, it can be a genuine conversation on why they are valuable to your company. 

This doesn't come easy for everyone. I've also seen managers who ask why they should recognize their employees when they are doing what they are getting paid to do. These days, its hard to find great talent who come in and give their 100% every day. Its even harder to retain those employees. If they don't know where they stand with you and they don't feel like their hard work is getting recognized, they will find a company that gives that to them. 

According to Fortune.com, the 3 most important things in a job to millennials are flexible schedules, being inspired, and being part of the solution. If your business doesn't operate best outside of the normal 9 to 5, then you better start inspiring your employees and letting them truly help out your business. Employees want to make a difference where they work.

So start making your employees feel appreciated. Send them a simple thank you home (yes, using snail-mail) after a hard week. Order lunch for everyone at the office for meeting a company goal. Find a way that connects and inspires your employees to the point where if they are offered another job with more money, they turn it down because they know they have an irreplaceable work culture.

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