The Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer for Your Business

Small businesses hiring freelancers is becoming more popular in the age of so many technological advances. There are also many more freelancers to choose from than ever before. In fact 35% of the American workforce are freelancers*. There are so many benefits to hiring a freelancer, but is hiring a freelancer right for you? Take a look at the benefits:


Save Time and Money

When you find a freelancer, you are finding someone who can work on demand. You don’t need to spend time and money putting them through the entire onboarding process. You can simply find someone who has the skills you are looking for and send them the work you need completed.


Hiring a freelancer is also very beneficial for companies that tend to have business that ebb and flows. That means no more scrambling to hire more employees because you have an increase in work or having to lay off employees when work is slow (you also won’t need to pay for unemployment). Not to mention, you don’t need to supply a freelancer with a laptop and a work space like you would a regular employee.


They Work Harder & Smarter

Freelancers tend to perform better than regular employees because of their entrepreneurial spirit. They also are aware that you hiring them for another project or referring them more business is highly dependant on their performance. It is very different than an employee who is complacent in their position for years.


They also have better experience than regular employees because they’ve worked with so many different companies. They tend to be working with cutting edge technology which can save your company even more time and money.


Access to Better Talent

There are freelancers who are willing to work around the world. You have access to any one of them! You can’t say the same for your local talent pool.


When you are deciding between a freelancer and an employee, remember that if you choose freelancer, you have the globe to choose from, they will be able to work on demand and they will have the exact skills you need for that project. Freelancers will save you and your company unlimited time and money.


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*As of 2016 according to