3 Steps to Take Action and Start Your Own Biz

I was in the middle of a conversation yesterday with an entrepreneur at heart and he said something that really make me think about how important it is to take action when starting you biz. One thing that he said to me was that he saw something the other day, that he had thought of a few years ago. He said if only he had taken the action when he first had that idea, he would be making money on it and not the next person who thought of that idea. 

That made me think back to years ago, since I was always an entrepreneur at heart. When I was around 10 years old, I HATED washing my hair all the time. I wasn't one of those girls who could not wash my hair every day, it got too greasy.  I thought one day, when I have the knowledge and the means I am going to invent shampoo that you can just spray into your hair. Then you don't need to wash it but you can still get rid of all that grease. 15 years later and dry shampoo is something I used daily, not because I took action and created it, but because someone else did. 

Now, I'm not saying that at 10 years old I would have been able to create dry shampoo, but it really makes you wonder how soon someone else may come up with the idea you have. If you thought of something that no one else has thought of, get it out there quick! Because it is just a matter of time before someone else thinks of that idea. That rings true with any business idea, it is better to take risks and fail than to spend you whole life dreaming.

Here are the steps I took to getting out there and take action.

1. Don't tell anyone your idea at first.

This will only discourage you. Not because you don't have supportive, loving people in your life. but because ideas are only ideas until you put action steps behind them. If you have a great idea, but haven't worked out the details and run it past your significant other, understandably, they're going to have questions. Not easy questions, but questions you may have not figured out your self or even ever asked yourself! So until you have details and action plans in place, I would suggest keeping your idea mainly to yourself.

2. Create the action plan.

This is where I tend to get giddy. I love coming up with the steps to getting to my dreams! It really compartmentalizes how you can achieve your dream and truly makes it seem more obtainable. I like to break out my plan and focus on one thing at a time.

Ex- For week 1, I am going to put all my efforts into ABC and measure the results at the end of the week. Then week 2 I will put all efforts into XYZ and measure those results. I will take what is working from week 1 and week 2 and focus on continuing that for week 3.

3. Just do it.

No this is not an ad for Nike. Take your action plan from step 2 and DO IT. Don't look back at Pinterest for another blog about how to start your biz. Just don't. You know what you need to know to start your biz. If you need help along the way reach out and/or research that specific thing. But if you don't take action now, You never will. Then you may see someone else making money off of something you thought of two years ago. Follow the steps and take action, you got this!