How to Grow Your Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is easily my favorite social media site. Literally the best. Not only can you find cute crafts and recipes, but its a great way to grow your website traffic and sales! Here are a few steps you can take to grow your traffic!

1. Transform your Pinterest account.

There is a free option to transform your Pinterest to a business account. Do it! I didn't do it for the longest time, because I assumed it would cost me money and if you know me you know I'm a penny pincher! BUT it doesn't cost a dime so do it! It makes your biz name come up on all pins that you repin and helps you get your name out there.

2. Join group boards.

At first this may seem daunting, however its pretty fun to be a part of a group! Go to your favorite Pinner's accounts and look though their boards, chances are they are part of a group board. When you click on the group board, just follow the instructions to join! Typically you just need to follow the board, the owner and shoot them an email asking them to join. Pretty simple! Once you are part of a group start pinning pins that lead back to your website to that group board. If you can't find a group board to join email me at and ask to join my group board!

3. Create a group board.

Its easier than it sounds! Create a general board, such as Social Media Marketing and look through who you follow. You should be following people that are related to the type of business you want to start. Invite them to join your group!

4. Be interactive

Comment on other pins - but comment more than just "Great post!" Comment with something interesting that shows you not only fully read the post, but you are interested in the subject as well. The posts that you are commenting on should be in the field house of the biz you are starting. Follow others who are in the biz you are in, or if you don't want to follow other people follow boards that are specific to your biz. I recommend following new people or boards 5 times A DAY. You will see great results!


Pinterest is a great way to grow you biz if you know how to utilize it! If you need more specific help or have questions, contact me at and I will be happy to help!