Daily Habits of Highly Effective Bosses

When you ask a business owner what their secret sauce is, it's sometimes surprising what you will find out. Typically there are habits that each individual has, that just works perfectly for them. I have heard from many entrepreneurs that they meditate as soon as they wake up and that is just what works well for them. I've never been successful at meditating but my day hardly feels complete without grabbing coffee and heading to the gym first thing.

I asked a group of entrepreneurs what their daily habit is, for example: Do you wear have  a uniform sense of fashion such as wearing black every day? Do you wake up and work out first thing? Do you meditate daily before starting your work? Check social media to get the procrastinating out of the way? Maybe it will give you some ideas on what to add to your day to make you a more effective boss.

Here are the daily habits of highly effective bosses:


Perri Collins - Collins Digital Media

"I do wear mostly black. It goes with everything, you can dress it up or down, and it looks good on everyone. I prefer to workout in the evening, but I'm still working on making that a consistent part of my day. I love podcasts. I start Mondays with a fun one like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, but the rest of the weekday mornings tend to be more business focused. I meditate in the mornings before breakfast. What I do daily to be a good boss? Get a good night's sleep. Write my to do list the night before. Have a group of business allies you can bounce ideas off of anytime. Make an idea and stick to it -- don't second guess myself."


Jenna Redfield - JennaRedfieldDesigns

"Starting next month I'm joining a new fitness studio and will work out everyday at 7am. I listen to podcasts in the car, usually ones for entrepreneurs but some fun pop culture ones too."


Connie Baker - Integrated Copy

"I'm at the gym by 5am. Listen to a podcast (the Business Experiment Podcast is my fav at the moment) on my walk up and back! Sit quietly when home - read the paper, check social accounts, emails, write my to-do list for the day, have coffee. Do my mum thing - pack lunch, take daughter to the bus etc. Then I really start work for the day! I work in blocks of 40 mins - check social accounts, throw on some laundry or just move in between. Doing this I feel more in control and I get more done."


Christy Lee Knutson - ChristyLeeKnutson.com

"I do lots of the "typical" entrepreneurial habits (multiple podcasts everyday, wake up early to read, exercise, a "loose" uniform, etc) but one of my favorite habits is committing to sit-down dinners in the evening with my family. We have three young kids and we are super intentional about taking that time together, each of us sharing the high and low points of our day. When this habit is in place (amongst other family rituals) I'm able to bring more focus, joy and a peaceful confidence to my work."


Lauren Marie - HD Cleaning

"I wear all black because I'm a dark cloud. Daily habits: Eat breakfast, even if it's just toast, pack a lunch, bring hot tea, check my calendar, go over my books, post to Craigslist, go provide services, get back in my car and thank my lucky stars I'm capable of using my skills to pay the bills/gratitude&praise to the Universe, dream about my side hustle, check my calendar and books some more."


Dr. Lena Jeanne - Lena Jeanne Cosmetics

"I think my daily habit would definitely be cooking a daily meal and exercising. I also try to get some sort of sun. Living in Louisiana it's not hard to do that, but since I hate the winter at all it's even more important during winter time. Exercising somehow everyday is also extremely important because I juggle two teens with autism, my daily research position as a molecular oncologist, and my company, oh and yeah I forgot about the husband! Exercising also helps stimulate my mind and keep me happy. Routine sleep is just as important as exercising and having a common bed time. I definitely work hard to keep that! Sometimes I nap for just 30 minutes as well!"


Stephanie Moon - Stephmoon.co

"Working out at a barre class."


Comment below with your daily habits!