Having a Hard Time Finding the Best Candidates? Here is Where You are Missing the Mark.

Are you having hard time filling your open jobs? Do you receive a surplus of resumes but wonder why the qualified applicants aren’t responding to you when you reach out to them? Chances are it’s your recruiting process. Are you making the candidates jump through hoops before you even bring them in for an interview? It’s a candidate’s market and you need to be treating it as such.

A company reached out to me because they were having a hard time getting qualified candidates in. When I reviewed their interview process, from reviewing applications to hiring the candidates, I was surprised they were able to hire anyone in this market.

Their HR manager would review the resumes that were submitted for the opening, then send them an email asking them to add her on Google Hangouts by a certain time that day to begin the interview process. Once they added her she would send them a text saying, “I’m the HR Manager and I am here to interview and brief you more on the available position. Please introduce yourself and indicate sex and location.”

Let’s stop right there.

She could have easily asked the candidate about to send an introduction of themselves and where they are located in an email. She could have more easily asked it over the phone. Not to mention, asking about the candidate’s sex right off the bat is illegal and quite frankly doesn’t apply to the job. Anyone interested in this job probably gawked at the unprofessional nature of this “interview.”

From there, if she felt their answer was satisfactory for the position she was interviewing for, she would ask them to complete an online assessment before setting up a phone interview. That is a lot of steps before even getting someone on the phone and explaining the job. No matter what the job was, I’m sure at that point they decided to move on to another company that had a simpler process.

You might be thinking, “if the candidates really wanted the job they would go through the necessary steps.” You’re correct, they might go through all those steps to get that job. Or they could find a very similar job at another company that called them right up for a phone interview, brought them in for an in-person interview and hired them right away. In fact they could probably be hired at another company before this company even spoke to them on the phone.

When a candidate is interviewing for a new job, they are there to sell themselves to you. But that goes both ways. The company needs to do their job to sell the job to the candidate as well. There is such a surplus of jobs in comparison to candidates that your recruiters need to be sales people to get the top talent in the market.

When you review your hiring process, ask if you would jump through those hoops for a job you probably aren’t that invested in because no one has sold you on it yet. Simplify your process and make sure your recruiters are selling your company to the candidates.

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