The Dreaded Interview Question - How to Answer

You are looking to start a new career, you nailed every interview question about your experience. Then comes the dreaded question you forgot to prepare for: "Do you have any questions for us?"

Seems simple enough, right? But this question has more impact on your interview than you may realize. If you say no, you don't have any questions, you seem uninterested in the job and company and can be a huge turn off. If you ask something they already covered its clear you weren't listening to them.

We asked HR employees what questions they ask in interviews. Here are a few examples, pick a few to ask in your next interview!


What are the growth plans for this company? -Nikhil J.

What do you (the interview) love most about this company? -Val H.

What are the expectations for this position for the next 3 to 6 months? -Ashley H.

What are the biggest issues in this department that would need to be addressed right away? -Marc B.

What is your management style? -Elle D.

Why are you looking to fill this role? Did someone quit, get promoted or is this a new position in the company? -Tammy O.

What are you plans for growth? -Cari C.

How do you feel my skills can impact your vision for this role? -Jessica N.

What are some of the biggest challenges your facility has faced in the last year? How will this role be part of the solution? -Paula H.

How does the company embed its values in the day to day running and activities of the company? -Ross M.

What do you expect in the first 90 days to be successful? -Joan F.

What behaviors or traits do you see in your top performing employees? -Patty T.

How is the office flow between management and those being supervised? -Jackie S.

Do you have any further questions about my experience that I can answer for you? -Andrew M.

If you could change one thing about the company what would it be? -Nicole O.

What is the best quality that a candidate going for this position would posses? -Jett J.

I noticed on LinkedIn you've been with the company for __ years! What do you love most about working here? -Val H.

How do you see this position evolving over the next few years? -Jett J.

What was it about my resume that caught your interest? -Tom S.

Where o you see this company in the next 5 years? -Mustafa S.

How well is this company integrated into the local community? What causes do you support? -Janet M.

What are some of the challenged one would face in this role? -Than W.

Can you tell me about someone who has succeeded at this company and someone who hasn't? -Rodrigo G.

What was your favorite/least favorite managerial challenge? -Michael D.

How much autonomy would you say there will be in this role? -Radyah K.

What makes you excited to come to work everyday? -Sam K.

What does success look like in this role? -Kelly R.


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