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Hi there!

I’m a twenty something believer and business fanatic from Chicago looking to help other grow to their fullest potential.

While running my online business, I also keep busy raising my young family, so I get the importance of balancing your faith, your family and your income.

Raised by two entrepreneurs, I have always envisioned myself running a business that helps others. I’ve been in leadership and human resource jobs in both small companies and fortune 500 companies and I’m bringing all of the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way to you and your business. While being a lifelong believer in Christ, I have learned through trial and error how to place my life and business in God’s hands and take the steps he is asking me to take.

Whether you are looking to level up your business or your career, I will help you to trust in that next step. I offer LinkedIn consulting, leadership consulting, career counseling, and full human resource and talent acquisition for small businesses.

If you are happy where you are in your business or career right now, I would still love to connect with you!


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